Donnelly Chocolates

Since 1988, Donnelly chocolate has been made by hand from the finest French and Belgian couvertures.  After studying with master chocolatiers in Paris and Brussels, Richard Donnelly returned to the United States to create his own line of chocolates, focusing on simple yet sophisticated flavors.  He produces bars and chocolates that have won accolades and awards for their imaginative texture and taste.

Donnelly Chocolates was honored to receive the award for finest artisanal chocolates at the 1998 Euro Chocolate Festival in Perugia, Italy.  Their Five Spice Truffle and Milk Rum Raisin Ganache were presented.

Their goal at Donnelly Chocolates, is to surprise and delight the palate with their handmade chocolates, created in small batches with the highest quality ingredients from fine couverture to organically grown fruits and herbs.  The chocolates contain no added preservatives and have a short shelf life.  To fully appreciate their aroma and texture, please enjoy them at room temperature.

Luis Moro Chocolate

Luis Moro Chocolate

Luis Moro Chocolate is a small, Artisan chocolate company. They hand make their chocolates in small batches, using the finest ingredients with no added preservatives. They provide unique chocolate flavors, many that cannot be found anywhere else.

Luis Ellisos Dinos Moro was born in Madrid, Spain in the mid 60's, the son of a Greek father and Spanish mother. He spent his early years in Spain, where he learned to appreciate the Spaniards zest for life and churros with chocolate, among other things.

The family immigrated to the United States in the 1970's and eventually landed in Northern California, where they lived for many years. In the 80's Luis made his way back to Spain to study in Madrid and cemented his love of the European lifestyle, staying up late many a night with an international circle of friends. Having always been interested in travel, their stories inspired him. Upon returning to the U.S. he not only became a travel agent for many years, but also had the opportunity to visit exotic locales such as Costa Rica, Jamaica, Hawaii, the Bahamas and Tahiti, and also our neighboring countries of Canada and Mexico. He also made his way back to Europe again, visiting his ancestral home of Greece, and then onto Italy and again to Spain. It was around that time that he took his interests in a new direction, and became intrigued by the healing and curative properties of plants and herbs, and the creative way to use them in food. He spent many late nights researching and studying. Then many years later, his adventures led him to his future wife, Caryn, and they were married in 2006.

A fateful journey to a chocolate boutique and lavender farm while traveling with Caryn in France led him to his current passion for combining plants, herbs, fruits and chocolate. Luis initially trained at the Notter School of Pastry Arts in Orlando, and later with Jean Pierre Wybauw at the French Pastry School in Chicago. He continues to attend seminars with the world's top chocolatiers, such as Ramon Morato. He particularly enjoys experimenting with new flavor combinations, and looks forward to launching his next fabulous flavor.

Chef Jeerawan Thai Sauces - Chef Jeerawan grew up in Thailand, then moved to California in 1991. She refined her mastery of traditional and creative Thai Cuisine through teaching hundreds of students in public and private classes all over the Central Coast and Bay Area.  Jeerawan has designed and assembled three recipe books for her students: "Creative Thai  Cooking", "Fun with Thai Cooking", and "Vegetarian Thai Cooking".  She was recently mentioned in the San Jose Mercury News article, "Success with Thai Cooking".  In Thai culture, love, respect and generosity are shown by offering food in the spirit of "Sanuk"(fun), and Chef Jeerawan thoroughly enjoys teaching, preparing and serving Thai Cuisine as a way to introduce people to the joys of Thai food and culture.

If you are too busy or too tired to make your own curry recipies, try Chef Jeerawan's Yellow Curry Sauce, Green Curry Sauce, Thai Peanut Sauce and Panang Curry Sauce.  These curry sauces are made by Chef Jeerawan and feature the same ingredients you would use if you were making your own from scratch (no preservatives or other unwanted ingredients).  It's real Thai cooking at home, but easier.

The Ugly Mug - Our 'della terra' branded coffees are all Certified Organic, Shade Grown and Fairly Traded.  This label, Italian for "of the land," shows the Ugly Mug's commitment to 'Back to Basics Farming.'

Dave's Gourmet Albacore  - Dave Greenberger brings you the very best tasting tuna ever! Only the finest hook & line caught Gourmet #1 Sashimi grade Albacore fillets are used for their canned tuna.  Omega-3 rich, lean protein-packed Albacore tuna is the best for your health!  Dave's Tuna is hand selected and filleted, reserving the premier center cuts.  It is hand-packed and cooked in its own natural juices, giving it a deep buttery flavor and creamy texture of tuna you have been searching for!

Forget the major tuna brands.  This tuna tastes as fresh as if you've fished it yourself!  Dave's Gourmet Albacore canned tuna is high in heart-healthy Omeaga-3 fatty acids, and low in calories, sodium and fat.  But what really gets us tuna lovers exited is the worry free enjoyment.  That's because Dave's Albacore - using the hook and line method so it's completely safe for other marine life, including dolphins - fishes the waters far off the Pacific coast and only brings back the smaller, younger fish that haven't had time to allow metal deposits, like mercury, to build up in their tissue.  So now you can enjoy fresh tasting canned albacore without the worries of consuming too much mercury.

Wild Chinook King and Sockeye Salmon caught by hook & line in the cold waters of the Pacific Northwest? from Alaska to the Big Sur Coastline.  It is prized for its deep red color and moist creamy texture.  Dave's wild salmon is rich in omega-3 oils, which are beneficial in preventing heart disease.  The salmon are filleted and hand-packed in their own natural juices then cooked inside the can?creating the purest form of upscale canned wild salmon available!

SEAFOOD CHOWDERS - There's nothing like it...that aroma and flavor of health hearty soul soothing Seafood Chowder.  This delicous creamy chowder is an excellent source of protein and omega-3's and is made from a healthy recipe without any artificial ingredients added.

Would you like to eat healthier. . .
                                 but don’t have the time to cook? 
   Life is precious, and eating right is the key to enjoying it to your fullest potential. Food is not only a flavor satiation, or a social gathering, it is also nourishment for our bodies. Food has natural healing properties, and we are blessed to reap the benefits of it’s preventative medicine. I lovingly prepare organic, seasonal, unrefined foods so that you can receive all of the nutrients, straight from the garden.   The meal plans I have put together, make eating whole foods delicious, satisfying,  and attainable. Every bite counts!     Choose the right ones :)
Holistic Personal Chef,  Anika Canton
Custom Crafted Wood Furniture

Don Douglas, Rancher and Furniture Maker - Don started making his rustic handmade furniture one winter in 1976 when he was snowed in for several months on a ranch in Montana.  The first pieces he created were taken from the styles he saw that were made in the 1800's, by Norwegian craftsmen who used draw knives, hand saws and brace and bit tools.  Don's furniture began to take on his own creative designs as he continued to expand the types of pieces he made.  The basic theme of the pieces usually have a natural element to them, keeping the characteristics of the woods that he uses.  Some of the sources for the woods are unique and one of a kind.  For example, he may use wine barrels found at an old winery or it may be logs pulled out of a forest with his horses.

Don makes beautiful four poster beds, rocking chairs, benches, armoires, tables, end tables, stools, unique boxes of many sizes, lamps and other home decor, like bars and freestanding mirrors.  For more information you can call Don at his ranch at 831-628-3800.

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