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Claravale Farm - Producing Pure and Natural, Raw Dairy Products Since 1927.

The historic Claravale Farm is dedicated to producing the highest quality dairy products using simple, old fashioned, natural methods.

It's fresh.  Claravale Farm milk is often sold the day it comes out of the cow and is never more than a few days old.  Other milk can be up to a month old before it reaches the supermarket shelf.

It's high quality, Jersey milk.  Claravale Farm milk comes from Jersey cows.  This breed is world renowned for the quality of its milk, which contains higher concentrations of proteins, solids, butterfat, and beta-caroteen than other breeds.  Milk sold in supermarkets comes mostly from Holsteins, which produce larger quantities of more watery milk.  Due to their breeding, Holstein milk also contains higher levels of Bovine Growth Hormone than Jersey milk.

It's natural.  Claravale Farm whole milk is entirely natural.  Only the cream has been removed from the nonfat milk.

It's unprocessed.  At Claravale Farm, Ron and Collette ensure the milk goes from the cow, to the bottle, to you.  Other milk may be pasteurized (cooked), homogenized (processed so the cream won't rise to the top), adulterated with synthetic vitamins and other additives, and standardized.  Standardization is the process used by all major producers where milk is seperated into its constituent solids and fat, partially dehydrated, and then mixed back together to form a product which just conforms to minimum legal limits for milk.  At Claravale Farm, they bottle the milk directly from the cow.

Locally Sourced Pastured Grassfed Meats - The animals have large open pastures and are never confined.  The ranchers manage their pastures so that they yield the best grasses, filleree, owl clover and other native plants, allowing the animals to browse and select what appeals to them.  All animals are treated with kindness and when they are moved from pasture to pasture, they are kept quiet and not pressured.  They can move about freely and browse on the natural pastures that do not have chemicals added to them.  The animals are not vaccinated or given any hormones.  You can be assured that your grassfed beef is USDA inspected, minimally handled, vacuum sealed and flash frozen.

Walls Honey Farm - Greg and Cathy Walls and their son Jeff and his wife April, are producers of the finest unprocessed honey in Santa Cruz County.  The Walls Family has been in the honey business for almost fifty years.  Some of the offerings are Buckwheat, Clover and Sage honey.  Located in Soquel, the Walls are a multigenerational operation.

    Field to Feast, LLC     Soquel, Ca 95073
    Phone: 831-421-1894  Email:  info@fieldtofeast.org

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